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Preschool Curriculum


In our preschool program, we cover all aspects of kindergarten readiness including:

  • Early literacy: alphabet, letter sounds

  • Early math: counting, one to one correspondence, shapes, patterns

  • Seasons and Holidays

  • Community helpers

  • Self-care and healthy habits

What makes us different?

The biggest difference is that everything we teach is done from a Biblical perspective. Below are specific months where we have special areas of focus:


  • In October, we start learning about Creation - this lends itself to a lot of Science and Math. We learn about how God created the World and everything in it. Most importantly, this brings us to the fact that God made me and loves me very much. He made my family and every good thing in my life is a blessing from God. Not only did God make us, but he loves us, and therefore wants us to love him and talk to him. We learn that we can and should pray to God about anything and everything at any time.


  • By November, we realize that we have so much to be grateful for as we get ready to Celebrate Thanksgiving.


  • In December, we learn how God loved us so much that Jesus chose to be born as a baby and live here on Earth. We love learning about the birth of Jesus and celebrating Him.


  • In January, we start to learn about how Jesus did not stay a baby, he grew up just like us. We learn about several of the miracles that he performed here on Earth all the way until Easter.


  • In April, we learn about Easter and how Jesus chose to be crucified for our sake and then rose again and is in Heaven preparing a place for those who love and trust in him.

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