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Preschool FAQs

What food can I send to school?

Every day we have snack and lunch at school. Everyone should bring a snack and water bottle each day. Full day students will have the opportunity to purchase a hot lunch at school or bring lunch from home. We are also able to warm food here for your child. If there are any severe classroom allergies, we will notify you of any food restrictions but otherwise you can send whatever healthy foods your child likes to eat. Children who participate in morning care from 7:00 - 8:00 am can also bring in breakfast to eat at school.

Does my child need to be 100% potty trained to come to preschool?

If your child is 3 years old by December 1, they are eligible to be at preschool. Children should be well on their way to potty training and using the bathroom independently. However, we do understand that this is a learning process. Therefore, we ask that children keep an extra set of clothing at school in case of an accident.

Will my child be able to take a nap at school?

Yes, we have a nap/rest time every afternoon at preschool. All children will lay down to rest. We have a very busy morning and usually find that even children who have stopped napping at home tend to fall asleep at school. If your child does not sleep, we will allow them some quiet play time. We ask that you provide a fitted crib sheet, blanket and pillow for your child. These will be kept here at school and sent home on the weekends for laundering. Your child will have a cot that is theirs for the year and sanitized daily.

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