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Middle School

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Middle School consists of its own unique program for students in grades 6-8 where emphasis is placed on a strong academic and spiritual foundation on which the high school program will build and expand. Students receive instruction in Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Bible.   


In Middle School History, emphasis is placed on continuity: How do all the facts we learn hang together to form a broad view of the trends in history? From a distinctly Christian worldview, we tackle questions like, “Why is slavery a wicked institution?” and “Is history really ‘His Story’?” Through lots of discussion as well as fun projects that deepen students’ learning, we teach an overview of the historical topics students need to know for high school, taking care to learn from the mistakes of history and view historical events through a biblical lens.  


The love of reading and writing continues into Middle School with the Reading and Writing Workshop, a system of instruction that is highly engaging with the goal of creating lifelong readers and writers. An emphasis on student choice, paired with our robust classroom libraries and the ability students have to share their writing pieces throughout the year, allows us to foster highly motivated readers and writers. Traditional grammar instruction rounds out our program.


Middle School Science provides students with introductory lessons of the major concepts that will be covered in high school science. Our goal is to help students develop an understanding of how to view science from a Christian perspective. Towards that end, students engage in inquiry group research projects, hands-on labs, and have one Invention Convention experience during their middle school years. 


Our Singapore Math Program concludes in grades 6 and 7. Using this teaching methodology, Mekeel’s teachers provide students with introductory lessons in algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability. Hands-on activities, group work, and other innovative teaching methods help deepen the students’ understanding of abstract mathematical concepts- and make math fun! MCA 8th Graders take either Pre-Algebra or Honors Algebra I, based largely on their performance in 7th grade mathematics. 

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Our goal is that through the course of our Middle School Bible classes, students come face to face with Jesus and have the opportunity to grow in their love for him.  Students are taught an overview of the Old and New Testaments and work to learn the principles a believer needs for life- holy living, Christian service, and spiritual warfare.  Scripture memorization is part of our program as well, for we want our students to write God’s Word in their hearts (Deut. 11:18) so they have a deep well from which to draw when the challenges of life arise.  Messages from once a week chapel services featuring our own student-led worship band and guest speakers are reviewed and reinforced in Bible classes.  All Bible instruction is taught from an inter-denominational view that centers on the non-negotiables of our faith, leaving doctrinal specifics to be taught by the parent and church.

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