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Our Board

Mekeel Christian Academy is governed by an independent Board of Directors which is responsible for establishing the mission and vision of the school as well as policies and procedures for governance. In addition, the Board hires and oversees the Head of School (their only employee) and is responsible for holding the Head of School accountable for the successful execution of the Board’s desired outcomes. 

Current Board Members or members of the Academy’s Administrative Team may nominate potential Board members. After a process that includes an application and informal interview with the Board, a vote of the Board is taken. Board members serve for a term of three years. Upon a vote by the Board, members who have served their three-year term may be invited to serve an additional three years. After serving six years, a board member must take at least one year off.

Meet The Board


Jodi Brennan


Darrin Jahnel.jpg

Darrin Jahnel

Vice Chair & Treasurer


Andrew Hart



John Kimber

Board Member


Kevin Islip

Board Member

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