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Resource Room

What is the Mekeel Resource Program?

  • Mekeel’s Resource Room Program is a special program that provides extra support in many ways to individual or small groups of students (one-three students at a time grouped by academic need).  

  • Students receive highly-individualized attention.

  • Available one, two, three, or five times per week, 40 minutes per session.


What is the Intervention Program?

  • Mekeel’s Intervention Program provides additional help to elementary and middle school students in reading and mathematics.  Small groups (4-7) of students are organized by area of academic need and instructed by the Resource Room/Intervention Teacher in areas of deficiency.  This additional and specific support is designed to help students close gaps in learning in order to bring the student up to meeting grade level expectations.

  • Year-long intervention services are best for students performing one or more years below grade level in reading and/or math.

  • As-needed intervention services are best for students who typically perform on grade-level but have a few areas of deficiency or struggle with a newly taught concept.  These services are added based on teacher recommendation and parent approval to help students master the prerequisite skills for an upcoming or recently taught topic.


What is the Cost?


What happens in the Resource Room?

  • In the lower grades, remediation and re-teaching are important parts of the program.  For intermediate through high school aged students, support is given for the academic subjects, with time spent helping students write papers, understand vocabulary, prepare for tests, and any other areas of need.  Students who need help developing organizational skills are guided in these areas.  The resource teacher works with the classroom and subject teachers so that students are able to spend this time on work most needed.  


What is the benefit of Resource Room or Intervention Services?  Which is better?

  • Intervention services will be run like a class, with a small group (4-7 students) learning the same foundational skills (phonics, reading comprehension, fluency, math facts, fractions, etc.).  This is good for students with a wide range of needs as the program will cover many skills that are the foundation of future learning.  Students will get a lot of attention due to the small class size, but not as much as in the Resource Room Program where the teacher meets with one to three students at a time.  

  • The Resource Room Program provides highly individualized attention in which students’ needs are specific.  If a student struggles with organizational skills, the Resource Room Teacher will work to help him/her hone those skills, creating an individualized plan and checking in with the student regularly to help him/her become automatic in using newly-taught skills.  If a student struggles academically, the teacher will tutor him/her in areas of specific need.  


How will I know when my child is receiving intervention services if I opt to use it as needed?

  • The Intervention Teacher will work closely with the Classroom Teacher to identify students who will benefit from instruction in specific areas.  The Intervention Teacher will then contact the parents of prospective students to receive permission to add them to the class for periods of one week at a time.  Bills will be automatically added to the family’s FACTS payment at a rate of $25 per week of instruction.  


Is there financial assistance available?

  • Assistance can be applied at the same rate as tuition assistance for each family.


Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact Mrs. O'Leary at 518.370.4272 or

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