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Student Government



Student Government, comprised of a Student Body President and Class Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers from each grade 9-12, helps to identify and train potential leaders in our school and to give them real world experience in serving in a leadership role. Student Government seeks to impact the culture of the student body through leading by example and looking for opportunities to serve others both internally and in the greater community. 


Recently, a number of the student government representatives attended a leadership conference and came back with a commitment to make MCA better. Much of what they have talked about and worked on is not tangible, but rather a constant pushing of themselves to reach out to students they don't know very well or who might be new, and to look for ways to be encouraging.  


Mekeel’s Student Government has plans to continue to grow their influence. We’re looking forward to seeing where God leads them as they lead their peers!

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