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Athletics have had a significant influence on our students and families and are a major factor in advancing the mission of Mekeel Christian Academy. We believe in the discipline of athletic competition, as it provides us the opportunity to honor God with our skills, abilities, work ethic, and commitment to team structure. Athletic achievement and distinction are goals for all of our teams. We believe that participating on a team at Mekeel is an opportunity for personal growth and development, which all students have the opportunity to pursue as part of a complete educational process. Mekeel Christian Academy affirms the right of every student to participate in the interscholastic athletic program without regard to gender or race. We support the regulations and spirit of Title IX legislation and do not limit one sex in the enjoyment of any right, privilege, advantage or opportunity.



Mekeel seeks to develop Christ-like character in each of our student-athletes in order to benefit them in the long-term, even after their athletic careers have ended. We believe in the impact that athletic participation has on an individual’s work ethic, discipline, integrity, communication, and overall commitment to a greater good (Hebrews 12:11-13). Along with the objective to develop these intangibles in our student-athletes, we also pursue excellence in our athletic achievement. Distinction is a goal for all of our teams, whether that is as individual players or as a team. We believe that the most effective way of using athletics to impact any community for the cause of Christ is through sustained excellence (1 Corinthians 9:24-26).


To provide student-athletes with athletic teams that develop them in such a way that they are successful both on and off their competition venues. 



Structure - Modified, Junior Varsity, & Varsity.


Conference – Mekeel Christian Academy is a member of the Western Athletic Conference (Southern Division) and Section II.   Student athletes and coaches are expected to have a respectful attitude toward all schools we compete against especially those in our league.  We appreciate the opportunity to compete with these schools and under the governance of the league, Section II, and NYS.


Athletic Director – Kelsey Collins 

518.370.4272 ext. 113 

518.852.0563 (cell)

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