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High School

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Our high school program is college-preparatory with honors, AP, and dual credit courses available. Students may pursue various Regents Diplomas or a Mekeel Diploma. All possible tracks involve rigorous learning opportunities for our students and end with either a New York State Regents Exam or comparable exam with content that we control. We’ve found this provides parents wishing to stay away from state assessments a good alternative without sacrificing quality or demonstration of mastery of content. With more than twenty courses available for dual high school and college credit, many of our graduates begin college with a significant number of college credits, often entering college as sophomores immediately upon graduation from MCA.


Our math department provides instruction in Algebra 1 (Honors and Regents), Geometry (Honors and Regents), Algebra 2 (Honors and Regents), Pre-Calculus, College-level Calculus I, and Statistics. Our highly-trained faculty (all with advanced degrees in mathematics instruction) provide engaging instruction that ensures students are prepared for mathematics at the collegiate level or for entering a trade upon graduation from Mekeel.



With a focus on the skills of critical thinking, writing and discussion through the analysis of foundational American and British texts as well as modern titles that emphasize student choice, Mekeel's students study and analyze a variety of novels, plays, poetry, short stories, and informational texts. Our students become adept at writing, revising, and editing texts both digitally through Google Classroom (which allows for collaborative as well as individual work) and in a traditional pen and paper format that creates highly trained, versatile readers and writers that excel at the collegiate level. All texts are examined through the lens of Scripture that helps solidify a biblical worldview. Mekeel's English course sequence includes seven courses available for college credit.  



Through the use of active, regular, hands-on laboratory experiments, Mekeel's students receive instruction in Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Forensic Science, college-level Biology, and Physics. Our uppermost science courses are taught by a faculty member with a PhD in Biochemistry who also teaches at local colleges. With a commitment to excellence, we continue to add to our science laboratory equipment so students are prepared well for college-level science instruction.   

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Students receive a rich study of history through various instructional methods that are highly engaging and challenging. From debate to drama to research and writing, students wrestle with humanity's complicated past as they learn of man's follies and triumphs throughout history. With multiple course offerings for dual credit, our history department exposes students to higher-level thinking that prepares students to enter college with a solid understanding of history that has been taught through a distinctively Christian worldview.  



With both full-time and adjunct faculty members, Mekeel's Bible department consists of multiple individuals with advanced degrees who expose our students to rigorous and engaging Bible instruction. From the basic tenants of the faith and an introduction to the person of Jesus Christ to advanced courses in systematic theology, world religions, and in-depth book studies, our Bible sequence includes six courses available for college credit that strive to establish a firm foundation for our graduates.  We work to ensure our students have a solid understanding of the Bible as well as regular opportunity to grow in a personal and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. This instruction is complemented with regular opportunities to serve locally and abroad through school-sponsored missions trips as we aim to touch students' minds, hearts, and hands.  



Mekeel is proud to offer a wide range of excellent elective offerings to our students. Courses are taught by Mekeel's dedicated faculty as well as esteemed adjunct instructors who bring rich, real-life experiences with track records of proven success as well as advanced degrees to the classroom. With offerings in business, entrepreneurship, life skills, general psychology, the arts, and more, our elective courses provide students with exposure to a wide variety of areas of learning.  

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